Digital Positioning

Digital Positioning

At Fiction Factory the digital positioning of your brand is key to digital marketing success for your product or line of products. Creating a balance between web design, tone of voice, UX, content, search, social and your channel marketing takes experience and know-how. At Fiction Factory we have been doing it since 2007.

We can achieve this for you by focusing on the following specific fields:

Consumer Insights

Over 80% of South African adults own a smartphone, with 55% also owning a tablet. The growth of multiple devices means you have to connect with users across all platforms. People say "mobile is the future". It's not. It's the present. Everything must be cross device compatible.

Marketing & Strategy

Fiction Factory want your digital marketing to be as engaging and relevant as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a new product or positioning your brand – our strategy remains the same. We conceive. We build. We get results. Simply and with confidence.

Social Influence

Social media is central to the online customer experience for over 70% of South African businesses and 100% of our clients. It offers a simple way to interact with, or to gain, customers. You can use both paid and organic social media to build brand awareness, create positive sentiment and drive engagement. It's the perfect companion for your digital marketing mix.

Search and Channel Marketing

Search powers the web. Its a very large provider of traffic. The way it works has drastically changed. Our focus on Organic SEO & Adwords coupled with Content and Conversion Rate Optimization is at the heart of every strategy we create. We drive relevant traffic to your site and then make sure it converts.

At Fiction Factory we don't focus on just one search engine for marketing like most of our competitors do. We plan your search and channel marketing for the web. Which includes all popular and specialized search engines for maximum results worldwide, as quick as possible.

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